Shut Down

Effective immediately, I have decided to SHUT DOWN this domain. Why?

It’s not because I’m no longer dedicated to my transformation. Nor is it because I’m no longer interested in helping others learn from my own transformation. Nor have I abandoned my quest for knowledge for health and wellness.

It’s because I can no longer justify the COST for hosting a blog: not only the $80/year I am charged to have the domain & use publishing tools but also the time I spend writing when I should be with my family. I’ve had to re-think my goals & objectives from when I started writing and I just do not have the dedication to prioritize the cost of the blog over other

Now what?

I have migrated over to a free WordPress URL the posts from this website and am working on importing it from the previous URL. It’ll take me some time to review & make sure everything imported properly.

Feel free to bookmark the new site:

In due time, I’ll be back – sharing my transformation stories with you!

Until then, in good health,







Crockpot Jambalaya

Who doesn’t love JAMBALAYA!?!?!? And, who doesn’t love a quick, easy crockpot dinner?  I can’t think of anyone!!

Every weekend we pull together our menu plan for the following week. We almost always have “Taco Tuesday”, a crockpot meal on Thursday, steak on Saturday. Then, we fill in the rest with special requests from my husband or the boys.

This week’s request: JAMBALAYA! Continue reading Crockpot Jambalaya

The Perfect Margarita

Who doesn’t just love the taste of a cool, crisp margarita on a warm summer day? Doing one sugar detox after another for the past few years has left me craving for some good ol’ tequila and lime. After reviewing plenty of ideas on how to satisfy this primal craving and stay relatively clean, I’ve come up with what I believe is THE PERFECT MARGARITA!

I’ve been making this margarita recipe for just over a year and was inspired to share it when you when I read an article today about red Solo® cups. While I didn’t use a Solo®cup, I sure enjoyed my margaritas this past 4th of July!

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Kabobs with Thai Sunbutter Sauce

Who doesn’t love kabobs?? I know my kids sure do. Must be the small chunks of meat or maybe that it’s on a skewer (read: sword for young boys!) … I don’t know why but when we do kabobs, they disappear.

Have I told you how much I hate to cut up raw meat? I do! Particularly chicken. I can chop veggies until the day is done but meat. Yuck! And don’t get me started on mixing meatloaf with my hands. EW!

Luckily, I have a sous chef (er, husband) who enjoys the chopping of raw meat to help. Otherwise, I just end up paying more at the store for premium cuts or ask for the butcher to do it for me. Lazy? Nah … Just efficient!

So, I digress… as usual Continue reading Kabobs with Thai Sunbutter Sauce